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Parent Groups

A strong partnership between home and school is essential to the successful education of your children.  We encourage you to become involved with our parent groups:


All parents or guardians of Meyonohk School are members of PIIM.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to become involved in the group to whatever extent they feel comfortable.  Meetings occur once a month starting at 6:30p.m.  The dates are announced on SchoolZone.  The purpose of PIIM is: 

  • to open and maintain channels of communication and involvement between the school, parents and community
  • to promote and encourage the cooperation and involvement between paretns and the school to enrich the quality of our children's education
  • to show our children a working partnership between the school and parents

Community Assisting Meyonohk Association (C.A.M.A.)

This is the fundraising wing of PIIM, which sponsors financial support projects such as casinos.  C.A.M.A uses the money raised through these fundraising efforts to fund improvement projects (technology, library renovations, library books, sports equipment, fund fieldtrips, etc.) Cheques for fundraising events should be made payable to C.A.M.A.