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Lunch & Nutrition

Meyonohk Lunch Supervision Program


We appreciate certain circumstances necessitate a child staying for lunch (i.e. long distance from school, family emergencies, working parents, etc.).  In such situations, we assist by providing a well-organized lunch supervision program.  Students may stay on a regular basis or occasionally, on a casual basis.    


The lunch supervision program operates on a fee-for-use basis.  Lunch aides are hired by the school to provide a suitable level of supervision. Non payment of lunch supervision fees will result in the removal of students from the lunch program.


Lunch students eat with their assigned cohorts, at their personal desks.  Please note there are no microwaves available for student use.  Due to the high number of students who stay for lunch, it is especially important that students meet the behavior expectations during this time and throughout the outdoor play period. Students registered in the lunch program are not allowed to leave the school property during this time! If students who are registered in the lunch supervision program are not going to be staying for lunch, parental permission must be given. As attendance is taken daily any students not staying must notify the office or their lunchroom supervisor. Parents/guardians can do this by either a signed note or a phone call to the school office. Telephone calls home will be made for all unexplained absences.


Safety of our students is a top priority in our lunch program and we have adequate student to supervisor ratio maintained.  Students are supervised both within the school and outdoors until 12:20 p.m.  Our supervisors encourage the children to eat their lunch during their alotted time.  Those students who need longer than 25 minutes will be allowed a few more minutes to finish, as needed.  Some emergency food supplies are on hand if children lose or forget their lunch occasionally.